What a shame that such a man as Hannibal, born in Carthage (247-182B.C.) near modern day Tunis, will never again grace this earth with his presence. Hannibal fought the Romans because his father lost Sicily so he wished to regain his families honor.  He was massively outnumbered in every battle but he won almost every one no matter the odds.  He was an overall strategic genius.  Therefore Hannibal through his actions became the best general ever in existence.

Before he defeated Rome in battles over and over again, he had to cross into Italy.   When he went into Italy he crossed the Alps at the Isere and Arcing crossing the main range near the present day Col de Mont Cenis.  During this time this feat was considered impossible, and was the most celebrated accomplishment in ancient military history.  Even today this would be considered extremely challenging.

After he crossed the Alps and was in Italy, he defeated the Romans in a series of battles, including those at Trebia, Trasimene, and Cannae. Firstly during the battle of Trebia in he hid some men in ambush, and then left the rest in the open as an open invitation. When the Romans engaged the more apparent threat, his ambushers, attacked from the rear and created the classic hammer and anvil tactic.   Hannibal slaughtered almost all of the Romans.

After the battle of Trebia he engaged the Romans at the battle of Trasimene at 217B.C.   At the battle of lake Trasimene it was here that he surprised the Romans with an ambush from the flank.  During this ambush he killed the unsuspecting army by slaughtering most and forcing the rest into the river where the reminder drowned.  This was a superb battle for it showed Hannibal military genius and brought the Gaul’s over to his side with this victory, which reinforced his army back up to forty thousand infantry and sixteen thousand cavalry.

During the battle of Cannae (216B.C.) Hannibal showed himself in all his glory.  The Romans, having failed in their previous battles, sent one hundred thousand foot solders, not counting their cavalry.  This army was an unprecedented amount of men up to this point in any single army.  Hannibal brought a mere forty thousand soldiers and eight thousand cavalry to the battle.   Knowing that his infantry was not the equal of the Romans, he formed his infantry into a wide horseshoe with the outside of the bend facing the enemy, He did this so his men could fall back and encircle the enemy while his cavalry formed the hammer and his foot soldiers formed the anvil.   When the Romans attacked this time they fell for his plan and pushed them, back filling in the hole after they had made it.   The Carthage cavalry crushed the Romans cavalry then they attacked and slaughtered the Roman infantry from the flank.

The tactics that were demonstrated in this battle were very inventive and genius.  The world has never seen such a brilliant battle plan, but after this battle Hannibal had forced the Romans to go to a separate strategy, therefore sealing his doom.   The Romans strengthened the cities defenses, and he had no siege equipment.

Aside from his solid battle tactics Hannibal is also the best general because he gained almost all of the roman allies and maintained an army in Italy for several decades afterward.  This is incredibly noteworthy because the Romans were the superpower of the Mediterranean.  Hannibal, doing what he did, would be like   a Cuban army marching through the US and almost into the heart of our powerful nation, into Washington DC.

After the Romans refused peace they marched into northern Africa and forced Hannibal to go back there and defend his homeland.  This battle is the only one he lost.   After this the Romans forced such harsh peace upon the Cartagena’s that they where never able recovered.

The Romans would say that he was a murderer, baby eater, and an insufficient general.  They would say all this but they would never admit that thy used his strategy in there own army.  He also needed to kill the Romans in order to wage war for it dose not mater how you die your still dead.  Lastly they call him a baby eater for they wished to demon him in order to alienate all of Italy to win more allies.

Despite Hannibal only having a mere forty thousand men, eight thousand cavalry, and a handful of elephants he was able to defeat the roman army of three quarter of a million men.  Such a person must have been a genius to pull of such accomplishments.

When Hannibal was asked a question at the end of his life of who he thought were the three best generals, he replied:” the first is Alexander of Macedon, after Alexander would be Pyrrhus of Epirus, and he would lastly choose himself.  He chose these generals for their boldness, for that is the first quality of a general.  He chose himself because he is the only one who was able to march across the Alps and then invade Italy, every Roman was fearful of him, and he put waste to four hundred of their towns. On top of that, he did all that with no reinforcements”.  After this lengthy reply someone asked him if that Scipio had not defeated him where would he put himself.  He responded simply, “before Alexander”.

Hannibal was a brave and humble man.   This shows how bold and good of a general he was, not only a general but also a person.  May no one ever forget the wild march he made, him and his Sacred Band.

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The Practicing Tools

The Boe and Nunchaku are the two weapons with which I have trained in the Kempo system, and I will discuss the similarity and dissimilarity in their use.  The many uses of these weapons are only brought out through years of training.  Both the Boe and the Nunchaku increase wa, also known as harmony, but their designs are very different.

The first weapon The Nunchaku, in layman terms, is a nun chuk.  This is a two-foot long pole connected by either a string or a chain.  A nun chuck connected by a string is much stronger than one connected by a chain.  A Boe is a six-foot wooden pole that people used to defend themselves in medieval times.  This weapon is also known as a Roko Kaboto.
These weapons were originally used as farming tools were both made from wood and originated in the Japan islands.  These tools were used for very different farming chores, but they were converted into weapons, very effective weapons, when the need arose.

The Nunchaku was originally used for thrashing rice stalks.  This is a very effective use for this implement, but a more effective use of this tool is thrashing skulls.  My dojo teaches this to all advanced recruits, and many have mastered it.
The Boe is a six-foot long pole in which that was used to carry two pails of water across your shoulders so that the weight was made more bearable.  When sophisticated soldiers attacked the peasants they took this weapon and defended themselves very effectively.  Primitive weapons are sometimes the most effective.

The lengths of these weapons are very different. The Boe is six feet long, and the Nunchicu is two-foot long sticks connected with string.  One is more ominous and bigger, but the other is easier to hide and can be maneuvered in much smaller space.
The Boe is clearly much simpler and takes no more than a couple of weeks to become average at it, but though it takes much longer to become proficient.  It takes many years to become even mildly good at wielding the Nachicu.  The reason behind this is that it’s a moveable weapon, and therefore, is just as dangerous and unpredictable to the user as to the victim unless you are trained.

The potential attacks that the Boe can end are many, and here are a couple: jamming the top of the foot with the end, jamming the solar plexus, head swipes, and so on.  There is another key thing about the Boe you can adapt one out of almost any stick or pole laying around, this gives you the option of always having a weapon, better yet you can always carry around a walking stick.  The Nunchaku is more concealable but is also illegal to carry it concealed.  So don’t get caught.

I do prefer the Nunchaku to the Boe but I will pick up either in a pinch.  One should always be well versed in all weapons, people who rely upon a specific weapon will find themselves without it and then they will be dead.  One must always become proficient in both the Boe and the Nunchaku.
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Summer day

There is nothing better than a midsummer day.   I would suffer greatly for this and I have (such as winter and all its byproducts).  A gentle breeze, warmth of the summer sun, and the darling buds of May are a very few reasons that summer is the best time of year.

To begin a gentle breeze is so refreshing on a midsummer day.  The breeze refreshes you on a hot day, and keeps you cool.  in winter you would be frozen to the bone for it is so chilly.    When wearing a kilt, the wind refreshes you by cooling you down. Also the old fashioned chimes when hit by the wind give such delightful music.

The warmth of a summer sun is so calming, soothing and pleasurable.  The calming warmth of the sun is like being swaddled in a tome of blankets. .    Bringing you back to the beginning.  In winter, it is as if you are thrown out of your house and into the arctic the warmth of the sun is of such a wonderful sensation, it is very similar to being warmed by the fire.

Lastly the darling buds of May bring you such an enlivening experience these bonnie flowers inspire, empower and drive us to new heights.  Very few things inspire us nowadays like the flowers.  When you see a bed of flowers it inspires your actions, whether you know it or not, to be worthy of the sight of the flowers.  To empower is to bring strength into our limbs.  There is nothing better than to defend such a beautiful sight from destruction.  The lovely sights drive us to new heights.  There is nothing that can drive us to achieve greatness other then these lovely sights.

The best season of the year is the summer seasons.  For they have the gentle breeze, the buds and the warm summer breeze.  In the winter you freeze and long for the sun for she is hidden behind clouds.

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SEX!  Now that I have your attention I can get to the point.  It is disgusting that too much Weight is placed upon those who seek and take leadership.  Even the presidents, senators and all the others are just greedy mal contents and power hungry men. This is a story of someone who accepts power when necessary and sets aside when they are no longer needed.

When I was a younger lad I had a dream.  This dream is who I have become today.  This dream starts right before a traumatic car crash.  Most people would find destruction and chaos in this, but I found strength and perseverance.

The lanes where moving quickly and smoothly.  Like the calm before the storm, then the storm struck.  Lives were no longer the same.

Nothing that I have dreamed or witnessed since has inspired me as much .  This valiant man was a rally point from which every decision was made and because of these things happened which brought salvation from obliteration.  This wanderer did all this and more.

Then the catastrophes happened. Destructed unraveled.  When all the cars were being thrown about the road like tinker toys, he stood there on the side of the road without a care in the world. After the action he asked quickly and valiantly to save as many as possible, conducting the services like a general.   After he had done all this, the help flocked in (ambulance and police). they came after all the dirty work was done.  The man scoffed “finely hear I see”

With this, he walked away into the horizon in a manner akin to a mutt walking away from his master who has just beaten him.  After that he was never seen again.  After all his heroics and all his good deeds no one even asked if he needed a place to stay or some food.

At the end I was woken with a start and I came to a conclusion that every dream means something.  This dream was one of my past lives talking to me.  The message was simple and plain, I did all this work in my past life so that I could achieve a higher step in the ladder to nirvana.  I should not destroy this chance or everything would have been in vain.  This goes not just for me but also for everyone in the world who throws away their chance at a better life, to something more than just us.

What do I speak of?  I speak of the common good and the advancement of our way to nirvana.  The way to achieve this is to follow the codes that have been passed throughout the ages, look inside yourself and you shall find them all.

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Movie thoughts

bowling for columbine is disgusting and biast.  he is completely on the side of the victims and none on the scape goat.  he twists the facts he uses and the facts that don’t agree with his thoughts he doesn’t mention at all.  what he is doing is very similar to what the Tobacco companies did and it is discussing.  he lost whatever respect he might have earned with the treatment of other people in there own house.  he also plays upon our emotions which is very cowardly.

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My websites

1)  http://www.targetfocustraining.com/jlf/lfvideo1.html

2)   http://www.utilikilts.com

3)  adicting games .com

4)  kilt day .com

5)  USAkilts.com

6)  http://papadutch.home.comcast.net

7)  http://www.joyofbaking.com

8)  en.wikipedia.org

9)  Teavana.com

10)   http://www.fox.com/fod/play.php?sh

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Opinion of the week

My opinion of this week is that people who work in White collar jobs are fools.  I believe this because there is no end satisfaction.  In this i mean that after they get done they do not have an end product that they can look at and have that satisfaction.  There ether ways in life were you can get this but at a greater cost and not every day.  so is Als opinion.

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First of all I would like to address the political yard signs and the like.  I hate this, these people may have the best intentions of trying to support there runner and show people how thy feel, but I did not ask them what there choice was if I wanted to know I would have asked them.  Secondly if there intentions are to convert me to there side then it is very pretentious of them.  If I was sufficiently week minded to be swayed by a simple sign I would not deserve to vote and it is because of people like that why the Electoral College was invented and remains intact.

When people vote, and afterward they weight for the results impatiently.  Shame on them.  After you have casted your vote and have done all you can do why be impatient for the results? That will change nothing. Worry not about what you cant change but what you can change.  When you stay up all night for the news you accomplish nothing but to tire yourself out and derogate your possible working ability the next morning.  Such a thing is foolish.

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Pet peeves

Pet peeves are the things I don’t understand, or thy are the things that make me angry.  When ever someone demonstrate one of these this makes me question what I thought about them ,or reaffirm my original thoughts about them. Pet peeves help me better gage people.

1)  people who show emotions , emotions should be berried deep inside, felt not seen.

2)  people who don’t take a shower or some way of cleaning themselves.  one is sufficient but two to three is preferred.

3)  people who smoke or druggies.  drugs lead to dependency , dependence Leeds to weakness, and then weakness will lead to death.

4)  people who follow kabbalah and all kabbalah related products.

5)  hugh jackman and all people who are his fans

6)  people who eat at fast food chains

7)  when cilts are called something ether then cilts

8)  people who behave like bulls

9)  throwing away money

10)  coffee and everything that has been branched off from it

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Hannibal is better than Hannibal

Carthage Hannibal is miles ahead of dock hannibal.  Carthage H took on the hole of Rome and almost won.  dock h only ate people. CH defeated Rome on Meany occasions leading brave men into Battle ,the other would have jest eaten them.  Therefore the ancient Hannibal far exceeds the modern hannibal.

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